We’ve got hundreds of quality vintage lugged-steel road bikes from the 1970s and ’80s, in all sizes, the inventory changes constantly.

Our Newest Restored Bikes

We completely disassemble our used bikes and clean and polish every part right down to each ball-bearing, and we’ve got dozens of beautifully restored bikes, including Schwinn, Trek (USA); Raleigh, Holdsworth (England); Peugeot, Motobecane, Gitane (France); Bianchi, Colnago (Italy); Nishiki, Miyata (Japan); and many other brands in all sizes from 47 to 67 cm.

Some Of Our Restored Bikes

Have a bike you’d like to start riding again? We can help. Let Vic’s restore your bike.

A basic bike restoration is $175. Other parts that may be needed are in addition, they might include new wheels, tires, chain, crank, bottom bracket, brake pads, cables, shifters, grips, or saddle. View our restoration process.

Looking for something really inexpensive? We’ve got plenty of basic rideable used bikes!

We’ve got rooms upstairs full of decent used rideable bikes that have had a basic tune-up and can get you rolling on two wheels better than any big box store bike will. See some of them on our Craigslist page.

We also carry a wide selection of brand NEW bikes for all riding styles from many manufacturers all in the $250 to $500+ range.

If we don’t have exactly what you want in stock we can get the bike you want factory fresh ready to ride with free delivery and assembly in just over a week. So, what are you looking for? Our brands include Pure Cycles, Public, and KHS, we are also dealers for Surly and Velo Orange. Plus, every bike we sell comes with Vic’s Lifetime Service: FREE tune-ups and labor for as long as you own the bike. View new bikes.

Take a look at our Pure Cycles collection.

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We can get you any new bike ready to ride in a little over a week. Tell us what your needs are:

  • Riding Style: Adventure, City, Cruiser, Fixed, or Road.
  • Riding Position: Upright, Relaxed, Sport, or Race.
  • Bar Style: Drop, Flat, or Riser.
  • Gearing: Single, Fixed, 3, 7, 8, 16 or 18 speeds.
  • Size: XS, Small, Medium, Large, or XL.
  • Color: Almost any color you’d like -including black!

Get your new Pure Cycle with free delivery and assembly. Every bike we sell comes with Vic’s Lifetime Service: FREE tune-ups and labor for as long as you own the bike. View new bikes.

The largest collection of used bicycles in Louisville.

Some of the Bikes We Have Sold


Stop in or give Vic a call to discuss your cycling needs.

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